Like The Lost of Sunlight On a Cloudy Afternoon

I’m not good dealing with grief and death. Well who is anyway? But like we all know, death is inevitable. I can remember it clearly what my good friend told me a few weeks ago,  she said “If anyone deserve to happy,’s your mom.” I won’t go into details why she can make such a touching comment but all I know is she’s right. From early age my mom treated me as her partner in life, not a daughter but a partner. She never treated me like I’m a child because I knew; she needs me to grow up that soon to be her rock. Selfish? It might sound like it but now, looking back..I’m glad she did it. Because now, more than ever..she need every rock she can hold on to.

I..uhm..we, my mom’s kids called him Om B (short for Banu), a very good man who came into our life at the right time. He was not a chatty person but every conversation I had with him was a delight. He never wanted to replace our biological father’s place, he just wanted to be there whenever me, my sister and brother needs him. Which was never been done with our biological father. For me, the most important thing with him being in our life is to be the real partner for my mother. I know they completed each other. Their birthday is only two days apart, they were old friends from junior high and with each other, they found comfort.

My mom just got  her life back and living it, like she always has, fearlessly. I use “fearless” to define my mother because she’s the bravest woman I know. Two days ago, Om B got a heart attack at home and died on my mom’s lap. She called me soon after it happened, performed some medical procedure on him (my mom’s a doctor) while guiding him with Laillahaillallah and rode the ambulance with him. As I arrived at the emergency room, I saw my mom so calm and collected talking to some people from the hospital about administrative stuff. I walked up to her and when I saw her eyes, I knew that she’s lost.

My mom proudly said to me that all of Om B’s friends came to pay their final respect. He was such a lovable person. And every single person who came up to me to give their condolences also told me that lately Igo is Om B’s favorite subject. I know he was so proud to be a grand father; he was there when I gave birth to Igo. He kissed me and told me how much he was so proud of me for going through the labor. Allah, I’m so grateful that at the end of his life, Om B finally found his soul mate and my mom finally knew how it feels to be loved.

Born to amuse, to inspire, to delight
Here One Day
Gone One Night

(Gone Too Soon, Michael Jackson)

Rest in Peace, Om B.
We love you,  ALWAYS. .

The perfect family finally united as one

Thank you for a great year, Allah.


3 thoughts on “Like The Lost of Sunlight On a Cloudy Afternoon

  1. hi.. just stumbled upon ur blog..
    and touched by this post..
    though (around) 6 mo has passed,, i’m sure the pain’s still there.. but I can see,,you can still be thankful to Allah for the times you (especially your mom) spent with him..
    and it reminds me to always be thankful to Allah..
    btw… blog yg sblmnya apaan judulnya,, mo doong liat jugaa..


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