Literally Lost For Words

As much as I like to talk (around 200 words/minute, LOL) I often find myself lost for comforting words. Maybe I’m just not good when it comes to deal with emotions.  Just like earlier today, my mom text me, she said that she’s still deeply sad for the lost of my step-dad. I paused for a second before hitting the reply button. What should I write to her? Three billion comforting words will not make my mom’s sadness go away in a jiff but I know, every simple word I type will ease her pain (at least I pray for it) at least for a nano second. So I wrote that I understand her pain and it is  okay to be sad because it happened so sudden but I’m sure that my step dad wouldn’t like to see my mom  in tears all the time.

Dear mom, I really really REALLY wish I could kiss your pain away. But I can’t. All I know is your a fighter and I’m supporting you to do what you do best: picking up the pieces with your head held up high.  I love you.


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