The Husband & The Bag Lady

Okay, I’ll admit it one more time: I’m a neat freak. As a matter of fact, as a housewife, I prefer tidying the house than cooking; this is not in my alley at all.  So when I found this bag organizer (aka bag-o) seller, I place my order without any hesitation. I chose the color grey not just because I like it but also because it’s dark enough to hide any (future) stain. Due to my “addiction” to big bags, I bought the bag-o in size L (26 cm x 18 cm x 10 cm). It’ll fit my wallet, the black Bindex thing I always carry around (where I put all out receipts, don’t ask 😛 ), cell phone, pen, antibacterial hand sanitizing gel, body splash and/or perfume, digital camera and on weekends, my husband’s stuff (wallet, cell phone and cigarette pack). The main reason I bought the bag-o is to teach my husband to respect my bag, since he’s too lazy to carry his own stuff but always manage to jumble everything in it every time he’s looking for his ciggy. Last weekend I gave him the grand tour (of the bag-o, :lol:), I hope he absorbed the information well. I’m satisfied with this product, at least now I can change bags without have to worry I left something important in the last bag I carried.


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