A Green Way To Live

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Yes, the proverb is very true. It refers to the way we tend to look other people’s lives and the things we don’t have in general. But have you ever look at it the other way around? I mean instead of lurking at other’s backyard, try to take a look around your own and maybe you can spot a few people who might actually think your lawn is better looking than theirs.

Ah, what the heck…yes, I’ve been very bitchy about my current situation lately. Not that I’m not grateful with the things I have, I do but sometimes my ego got in my brain’s way to think logically. *sigh*

So peeps, with a LOT of confident, I say that (in some part) my grass is greener than yours. How about that for the spirit? No? You’re not buying it? Me either.


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