It’s Because of Friday the 13th!

There’s always a first time for everything but I sure hope there’ll be no second (let alone third) time for this thing that happened today. Igo fell from our bed during his nap. Five minutes earlier I went inside our room to get my nail clipper and he was still sleeping.   When I’m just about done with my nails, I heard him crying. Not his usual hey-I’m-up-can-someone-please-check-me cry but a different cry, it was like he is stunned about something. Bad feeling came rushing in, I quickly ran to our room and when I opened the door..there he was..sitting on the floor in front of the TV. He was still crying when I picked him up but not for long and when I checked his head and body for bumps or bruises, he was already laughing. Good boy (bad mother!). Anyway, there’s no harm done. But now I’m a bit confuse about where to put him when he’s taking a nap. Igo has his own crib but I don’t think it’s safe also since he now can pull himself up to standing position. I’m afraid (God forbid) he’ll fall again…from a greater height since his crib is taller than our bed. Thank God, I haven’t try this solution just yet…look what he did when I try to put him to sleep inside the crib:

Sheesh! My friends suggested that by day I should have a mattress laid on the floor for Igo to sleep on. The problem is the only space available for a mattress to be laid in our bedroom is in the front of the air conditioning, I don’t think is such a good idea to put Igo there. Or maybe I can buy those Eva Mat thingy. Hmm…I should discuss this with the husband when he’s home from work futsal practice.

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