Reminded Me of My Own

I decided to check out “Modern Family” after hearing all of the critical praise about it. I think the ensemble cast is great. There are three branches of a single family. The grandfather (Ed O’Neill) has remarried; he brought a Colombian-born wife and her son to the bunch. The daughter (Julie Bowen) and her husband (Ty Burrell) have three kids; Haley, Alex and Luke. The son (Jesse Tyler Fergusson) and his partner (Eric Stonestreet) have just adopted a Vietnamese baby name Lily.

I love Ed O’Neill ever since I saw his lovable loser character in Married with Children. As for the rest of the cast, they had me at their first line. Seriously! I think Modern Family is the funniest, most believable comedy. Coming from a family with a very complex background made it easier for me to connect with The Pritchett (and The Dunphy). I guarantee you will laugh out loud throughout the show just like I did. Can’t wait for the second season’s DVD.

Favorite Quote:

“I’m sort of like Costco — I’m big, I’m not fancy, and I dare you to not like me.” —Cameron

“Listen, when my granddaughter’s boyfriend’s band plays an under-21 club with my daughter-in-law’s brother’s gay partner, I show up. That’s just how I was raised.”—Frank Dunphy


2 thoughts on “Reminded Me of My Own

    • My favorite character at the moment is Cameron. He’s super funny and I think his acting is great coz in real life, he’s not gay. I didn’t see it coming!

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