Jend. Li Peng 19 Mos

Today Igo is 19 months old and I’m beginning to feel like we have a full grown toddler… not just a one year something old toddler. And before we know it he’ll be in college, LOL…exaggeration.


Igo loves to climb furnitures and he likes to throw things as if those things are his toy ball. There are some days when his energy is more than we (all) can handle, he can run around the house, push his toy car (sometimes with his ‘little’ aunt (my 13 yo cousin) in it), dancing (this includes imitating Shinta in So Nice commercial *disgusted*) , more running around, laughing and playing with a minimum nap time. He usually naps for 1-2 hours.

He now prefers Playhouse Disney over Baby TV. Maybe it’s because he can focus more and starting to understand a more complex storyline. He love to do the hot dog dance and can mimic the “all aboard” yell in Choo-choo Soul. Oh and he love to sing along with Ooh and Aah. Current obsession: dancing.

Favoring People

I read that toddlers sometime snub one parent and favor the other one for no apparent reason. Igo went through this phase too. He favors me to put him to bed and only his dad can play wrestling in bed with him.  And when he doesn’t want to go to bed yet, he turn to Nenna…uh-huh, he hide behind Nenna and practically told her to tell us that he doesn’t want to turn in. Hmmpfh. This also happened when he wants something and none of us fulfill it. He turns to Nenna. Well, son…it doesn’t work that way. Nenna know the rules and she can’t do anything about it.


Like other toddler Igo is still learning to control his emotion (well, I’m still learning too and I’m 29, how about that? LOL). He usually throw an attitude because we have told him no or he isn’t getting his way. We ignore him when he throws himself on the ground and cries. After giving him some sulking time, we talk to him at eye level. Making him understand the reason why we did what we did before. And after that, we kiss and make up. Parents must remember that the occasional tantrum is normal for toddlers. And the way we deal with it will determine the child’s mental development.


Igo maybe leaping from one chair to the other but when it comes to building vocabulary, I think he’s a late talker. At 19 months he can only pronounce “ayah”, “awua” (Aqua), “nenna”, “wauwau” (“guk guk”), “baaaa” (“dagh” but with a “bye” tone), “mama” (he imitates me calling my mom) and “mbak”. Limited vocabulary doesn’t mean Igo is a quiet little boy…no, sirree…he’s a chatterbox. He thinks he can chat like the grown-ups do…he’s hilarious. He can go on and on with his “bahasa bulan” and we’re forced to understand what he means. LOL. Current obsession: singing in “bahasa bulan” with a serious face.

Love love love love you, Igo! Kiss from Ayah and Ibu!


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