Tipe? Tipe Apa?

Saya selalu amazed dengan tes kepribadian. Kok, bisa, ya, dengan menjawab pertanyaan, kepribadian kita bisa “dibaca”. Beberapa waktu lalu saya berkesempatan untuk ketemu dengan Razi yang sedang mengembangkan situs online datingSetipe. Ternyata di luaran itu cukup banyak juga yang mencoba membuka diri untuk bertemu orang baru dengan cara join situs seperti Setipe, sayangnya rata-rata dari mereka itu ikut situs luar negeri. Ya, bisa jadi karena situs lokal nggak ada (nggak tahu juga, sih, ada atau nggak selain Setipe) atau memang hanya ingin membuka diri pada non-WNI. Nah, di Setipe ini setelah kita join, kita harus menjawab banyak pertanyaan seputar kepribadian kita. Hal ini nanti di-compile jadi personality report. Kemudian ada lagi pertanyaan untuk menentukan siapa dari anggota Setipe yang cocok dengan kita. Jangan bayangkan Setipe ini seperti foto album di mana kita bisa pilih pria/wanita, ya, hahahaha. Jadi masing-masing anggota nggak bisa lihat data atau foto anggota lain kecuali sistem mempertemukan mereka sebagai pribadi yang matching

Dih … ngalor ngidul, deh -___- wong cuma mau pajang personality report saja, kok. Setelah menjawab (banyak) pertanyaan, saya dapat laporan ini, nih:


You are quite adventurous when it comes to discovering new experiences. Your imagination is equally as influential to your decision making as your logical mind. Because of this, you have a passing interest in artistic or philosophical subjects. You often find yourself trying to balance your moments of creativity and your sensible side. In a relationship, you can find yourself doing creative things that are ‘out of the box’, but remain quite realistic. This balance usually means that your ideal partner is someone who is similar and can relate to both these sides of you.


You are detail-oriented when it comes to things that are important to you. Once you decide on a goal, you will start planning on how to achieve that goal. Despite having a tendency to plan, however, you still leave quite a bit of room for improvisations or changes during the journey. Your plans probably are not extremely ambitious, but you enjoy having some level of structure anyway. If you feel like you’re at a stage in life where you need to plan more, you should be with someone who is more detailed and ambitious than you.


You often find meeting new people fun and exciting, but you do not make extra effort to seek it out. You are friendly enough around strangers that most people find you pleasant to be around. Equally comfortable alone, in small groups, or in a crowd, there are not many social situations that stress you. You are a good match for introverts, because you can complement each other. But you are also a good match for extroverts because of your flexibility.


You know when to argue your point and when to be quiet or agreeable to other people. If this does not come to you immediately, you would think about which approach to take before you say or do something in social situations. Despite the fact that most people are right in thinking that you are a friendly person, you often take some time before you really trust anyone. Your ideal partner when it comes to this is someone who similar to you; someone who will deliberate a little and knows how to pick their battles.


You are calm in most situations, but a few specific issues and problems can frustrate you. When these problems arise, you often get angry and even insecure at times. Outside of these moments, however, you are a level-headed person who does not stress too much about life. For a healthy relationship, your partner should be less neurotic than you are; this is to ensure that the few insecurities or sensitive topics that you do have are not blown up into serious issues.

Wow. Tepat sasaran amat hasilnya. Untuk “Neuroticism”, saya dapat nilai 44. Saya sudah duga, sih, angka setidaknya akan mendekati 50 secara saya suka flip out nggak jelas. Haha. Kalau untuk poin compability dengan Febri … saya bisa bilang Febri adalah individu paling tepat dengan saya. Ya, jelaslah, ya, kalau nggak kami nggak akan memutuskan untuk menikah.


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